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  1. Equipement W3C - Facilities to change the font size , choose the language of instruction , changing the color of the portal .
  2. Search - Enables users to search information in the Official Portal Malaysia Co-operative Socities Commission (CSM).
  3. Header - Displays the logo and statement Official Portal Malaysia Co-operative Socities Commission (CSM).
  4. Personalization - Special link for Citizens CSM, Cooperator, and Public.
  5. Main Menu - Display the main menu list appearing at CSM Portal.
  6. Main Banner - Banner for public announcements.
  7. Announcement & Tender - Latest announcement & tender in Portal Co-operativw Socities Commision (CSM).
  8. Media Gallery - Provides the option to link directly to the media social, photo, audio & video, paper.
  9. References, Statistic & Poll - Latest references, statistic & poll links in SCM.
  10. Online Services - Provides a list of online services for SCM staff & Public.
  11. Quick Links - Link directly to a MyAgro Hypermart, MySihat Portal, MyStandard Portal, MyIdeas Portal, Job Vacancy & FAQ.
  12. SKM Calendar - Provides options for Calendar of Events for the convenience of staff and the public .
  13. Mobile Apps KPDNKK - Link to install myKPDNKK at play store.
  14. Booking System - Facilities Booking System.
  15. Copyright - Statement Copyright Portal SKM and links Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Security Policy, Privacy Policy, Help, FAQ
  16. Media Social - Links to Youtube SKM, Twitter SKM, Facebook SKM, RSS, QR Code SKM and Mobile Web Notification.
  17. Display - Statement for the best browser to surf the display portal and update dates.
  18. Visitor Counter & Latest Update - The number of visitors who access the portal SKM and latest SKM updates.
  19. Email - Example: lamien[at]skm[dot]gov[dot]my change to lamien