There are complaint cases in a co-operative involving the members and the Board, or among the Board members themselves including cases whereby the Board wishes to take action against its members.

This site describes to the public on complaint procedures involving co-operatives.

Types of Complaints

Complaints received by the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM) can be divided into two (2) categories, which are:

Complaints Procedures

  1. Complaints must be made according to the complaint form format.

  2. In lodging a complaint, the complainant must first identify the complaint category, whether it falls under the first or second category.

  3. If it is related to the first category, the complainant is advised to submit the complaint to the co-operative and to attach a copy of the document to State/ Regional SKM and to SKM Headquarters (if necessary).

  4. For complaints related to the second category, the complainant must lodge the complaint to the State/ Regional Co-operative Registrar with the second copy is to be sent to the co-operative.

  5. However, SKM highly encouraged the complainant to submit complaints (either under the first or second category), firstly to the co-operative for a quick resolution. Only when there are no feedbacks from the co-operative, the complaint may then be submitted to State/ Regional SKM Offices with the second copy sent to SKM Headquarters.

Lodge a Complaint

Complaints about the co-operative may be made through:


B. Complaints and feedback Involving Common questions/complaints/other

Any general questions/complaints and others received from customers will be answered within 3 working days from the date of inquiry received.

General questions/complaints and others can be made through the online system as below:-

Complaint Via The Online System

  1. You will need to register before you can use this system.
  2. Please click Complaint & Feedback System to express new or check the status of the complaint.