Ref. Date Circular Download
02-2014 10-04-2014 Audited Financial Information Entry Into the Online Application System Finance Modules SKM pdfIcon
01-2014 20-01-2014 Bankruptcy Status Notification Member of Board and Member of Co-operative pdfIcon 
01-2013 01-04-2013 Instructions Information and Data Entry to the System DKOOP Co-operative (Co-operative Management Data) pdfIcon 
01-2012 01-06-2012 The implementation period of seven (7) days Compulsory Courses Member of the Board of Co-operative pdfIcon 
02-2011 06-10-2011 Publication Bonus Shares of the Statutory Reserve Fund under Paragraph 57 (1B) (b) of the Societies Act 1993 pdfIcon 
01-2011 06-10-2011 Use of the Statutory Reserve Fund for Payment of Shares or Member Fees Under Paragraph 57 (1B) (a) Cooperative Act 1993 pdfIcon 
01-2009 04-08-2009 Guidelines on the Implementation of the Statutory Reserve Fund  pdfIcon