The cooperative is an organisation whose objective is to increase the economic significance of its members in accordance with cooperative principles. Any group of persons intending to set up cooperatives should first contact the cooperative Commission of Malaysia (MGS) in their respective areas to obtain information and advice in relation to the establishment and registration of co-operatives
Application Set Up Cooperative
Measures to be taken before applying for the registration of cooperatives:

1. Contact the Office of MGS
Application to establish a cooperative shall be submitted to the State through the Office of the Director of SKM Province/district. Application form can be obtained from the Office of SKM/region or downloaded from the website of SKM.

2. Submit applications to set up cooperative
The completed application form should be submitted to the Office of MGS State to obtain the permission of the establishment.

3. Form a Committee Sponsors
Upon approval of the Director of SKM State, a Committee Sponsors a total of at least three persons shall be formed.

Between the Sponsoring Committee are:
  1. Identify the main activities with Member needs.
  2. prepare by-laws of the co-operative society by following the example of the uniform by-laws prepared by SKM with modifications required.
  3. prepare verdicts activities included in the objectives of the cooperative.
  4. To register prospective members in a register by entering your name, age, identity card number, occupation and address, respectively. The Committee Sponsors shall ensure that at least fifty people have registered to become a member of the initial general meeting set
  5. Arrange information sessions to prospective members of the cooperative by the Office of MGS.
4. Convening a general meeting Beginning
After the session, the Committee shall establish a date sponsor for convening a general meeting of the cooperative beginning.
Applications Register A Co-operative
In accordance with section 6, co-operative Societies Act 1993, the documents for registration are as follows:

  1. Application Form For The Registration Of Cooperatives
  2. By-laws of the cooperative
  3. Minutes General Meeting Beginning