Our Philosophy Statement

SKM is committed to developing co-operatives through a conducive environment in order for them to be competitive and able to contribute towards national development;

  •   SKM facilitates the services delivery system through the dynamic enhancement of work processes as an instrument in the achievement of the co-operatives development policies;
  •   SKM workforce is trained and instilled with noble values with career advancement guarantee for them to serve with competence, sincerity, integrity and commitment; and
  •   SKM ensures that co-operatives are continuously and professionally regulated based on the Acts and Regulations so as to increase the public confidence in co-operatives movement.
Our Vision

"A Leader in Co-operative Excellence; and to Established, it as an Effective Contributor Towards National Development"

Our Mission
  • Stimulates development of co-operatives so that they become competitive, resilient, progressive and equipped with integrity.
  • Increased involvement of co-operatives in various sectors of the economy.
  • Human capital with competence and entrepreneurial culture.