Strategi 01

  • To expand co-operative involvement in various sectors of the economy with high-value chain. 

Strategi 02

  • To create large-scale co-operatives that will be recognized and listed as world class.

Strategi 03

  • To promote involvement of co-operative in diverse economic activities through the creation of value chain and value-added activities by encouraging strategic merger and collaboration among co-operatives and other economic players.

Strategi 04

  • To develop professional human capital in the management of co-operatives .

Strategi 05

  • To strengthen supervision, oversight and enforcement role on a regular basis to improve effectiveness of co-operative governance in line with co-operative principles, philosophy and legislation.

Strategi 06

  • To enhance public confidence in the co-operative movement as contributors to the nation’s economic development and well-being of the people.

Strategi 07

  • To strengthen the culture of professionalism and excellence of SKM’s human capital as well as to enhance their competency towards efficient and effective service delivery system.