Required Documents

1. Copy of Identification Card*

2. Membership:

2.1 Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA)

i. Form 5 from Companies Commission of (Return of Partners)*;

ii. Approval of auditors from the Treasury of Malaysia;

iii. Membership Certificate and Certificate of Charity from MIA (Membership & Practising Certificate)* [for new applications only].


2.2 Institute of Co-operative & Management Accountants (ICMA)

i. Company registration from Company Commission of Malaysia*

ii. Membership Certificate and Certificate of Charity from ICMA (Membership & Practising Cert.)*

3. The namelist of the audit staff containing information such as length of service, qualifications and EPF no.

4. Processing fee payment of RM200.00 via postal order, bank draft or cheque payable to Kumpulan Wang Operasi SKM

Application Guide

1. The application form can be downloaded here or can be obtained from: 
Co-operative Audit Division 
Co-operative Societies Commission of Malaysia 
Aras 10, Menara Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia,
Changkat Semantan, Off Jalan Semantan, 
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur 
2. Applicants must only fill one (1) copy of the form. 
3. Please fill in the form clearly using black ink ball point pen and in CAPITAL LETTERS. 
4. New applications must be accompanied by: 
4.1 JL/2002/1 form - a brief biodata of the applicant;
4.2 Copy of Professional certificate*. 
5. If space is insufficient, please attach a separate sheet.
6. Copies of the documents marked with (*) must be certified true by with an official stamp together with the name and designation of the officer. Officials allowed to certify the documents consist of: 
6.1 Headman or warden 
6.2 Justice of peace 
6.3 Company Secretary 
6.4 Certified Public Accountants 
6.5 Commissioner of Oaths 
6.6 Professional Management Group/ Government Professionals 
6.7 Advocates and Solicitors 
6.8 Members of the Legislative Assembly 
6.9 Members of Parliament 
7. All photocopied documents must be on A4 size paper. The completed form must be submitted to the address as stated in paragraph 1. 
For any enquiries, please contact: 
Private Auditor Unit, 
Co-operative Audit Division, 
Co-operative Societies Commission of Malaysia