TMP was established under the Financial Procedure Act 1957 in 1985 to assist the co-operatives in providing funds for viable projects.
Who is Eligible to Apply
All co-operatives registered under the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 (Act 502) supervised by the SKM are eligible to apply.
Application Eligibility
The Requirements are:

  1. Co-operatives registered under the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 and regulated by the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission;
  2. The Co-operatives have been registered for not less than 18 months and their accounts audited;
  3. Projects to be implemented are viable;
  4. The administration and management of the co-operatives comply with the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 the Co-operative Regulations 1995 and Co-operative by-laws;
  5. The account management is organised and updated and current financial statements are audited;
  6. The projects to be funded benefit the members and the co-operative.
Types of Loans/Funding
i. Working Capital
a. Consumer;
b. Contract Workers;
c. Services;
d. Ar-Rahnu/ Credit.

ii. Property Development
a. Temporary loans (Bridging Finance);
b. Premium Payments;
c. Development costs.

iii. Property Ownership
a. Purchase of Land / Buildings / Factories;
b. Modify / repair;
c. Building Construction.

iv. Transportation (Vehicle Purchase)
v. Agro-based
vi. Agriculture
vii. Industry
viii. Machineries
Funding/Loans Offered
No. Funding Types Funding Amount Funding Duration(Max. Year)
1. With collateral  ≤ RM50,000 5
2.  With collateral  RM50,001 ≤ RM10 million 10 
Criteria for Applications Eligible for Consideration
  1.  To finance economic projects undertaken and developed by the co-operative itself.

  2. The funds must be used for purposes as approved.

  3. Any change of the intended use requires the prior approval of the TMP Trust Fund Committee.

Criteria for Applications Not Eligible for Consideration
  1. Applications for funding to finance projects undertaken by a subsidiary of the co-operative or any other party.

  2. Funding application for investment in stocks.

  3. Applications for funding to finance projects not compliant with Sharia Law.

Application Methods
Applications must be submitted to the Regional SKM office that oversees the co-operatives.

Documents to be submitted are as follows :