The Co-operative Movement was introduced to Malaysia in the year 1922 and has now developed rapidly. The National Co-operative Day aims to explain on the activities, roles and directions of the Co-operative movement and to disseminate information to the general public on the importance of the role played by co-operatives in developing the nation through economic and social wellbeing.

The National Co-operative Day (HKN) is an annual event organised by the Malaysia Co-operatives Societies Commission with co-operation from the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism. The event is held as a medium for the government to honor and to give recognition to Co-operative Movement on the contributions it has given to the national socio-economic development.


The objectives of the National Co-operative Day celebration are to :

  •   Strangthen the spirit of co-operation among co-operatives;
  •   Provide recognition to co-operatives on the contributions given to the Co-operative Movement.;
  •   Gauge the progress of the Co-operative Movement in the economic and social fields in line with the concept, principles     and philosophy of the Co-operatives;
  •   Gain new ideas in the effort to strengthen the management, administration and business of the Co-operatives in line     with the National Co-operative Policy.