Definition of Open Data : Data that can be used independently, can be shared and reused by people and the Public or Private Sector agencies.

Implementation of the Government Open Data aims to improve the quality and transparency of public service delivery towards Government information. It also is one of the global valuation criteria in the e-Government service. The Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM) in collaboration with agencies under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) has taken action to identify data sets for the implementation of open data in every field of agency services.

The use or re-use of data shall abide to the terms and conditions: Terms of Use of Government Open Data 1.0 



For a full list of datasets that have been published, users can refer to “co-operative” related search at DATA TERBUKA KERAJAAN MALAYSIA [http://www.data.gov.my].

The latest dataset list of co-operative movement in Malaysia are as of 31 December 2015. The list is as follows:

No. Date Published Dataset Details View/Download
01 30-03-2016  General Statistics of Co-operative Employees Click Here
02 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of School Co-operatives Based on Target Groups Click Here
03 30-03-2016  Statistics Report of Co-operative Workers by Functions for Non-Professional Category Click Here
04 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of School Co-operatives 2013 Click Here
05 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of Co-operatives by Race Click Here
06 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of Inactive Co-operatives Click Here
07 30-03-2016  Statistics Report of Co-operatives Municipal Status Click Here
08 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of Co-operatives From 2010-2013 Click Here
09 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of Active Co-operatives Click Here
10 30-03-2016  General Statistics Report of Basic Level Co-operatives Click Here