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   H A J A H  R A H A Z A W A T I  B I N T I  A B D U L  H A M I D


This division was officially established in 2001 after the organisational restructuring of the Malaysia Cooperative Societies Commission (SKM) as approved by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) in November 2001.
To plan, develop, coordinate and control effective usage of ICT in terms of the agency's development policy planning.
Main Functions
  1. To develop and maintain SKM ICT Policy.
  2. To manage SKM databases and network systems.
  3. To provide ICT training to SKM staffs.
  4. To provide ICT operations support services.

The Information Management Division is divided into 3 (three) units which are:-

  1. Systems Development Unit

    - To plan ICT system development for SKM;
    - To manage the implementation of information system requirements in administration and management
    -To manage the implementation of the ICT project development and maintenance.
    - To manage the ICT development tool requirements.
    - To provide advisory services to the Management in the aspects of system development.
    - To plan ICT programmes and training for officers and staffs.
    - To evaluate the suitability and usability of ICT softwares.
    - To improve existing ICT systems in meeting the need of users.

  2. Network and Security Unit

    - To maintain the overall ICT Infrastructure (hardware and netware).
    - To co-ordinate and verify data with the collaboration of system users.
    - To provide a 'Hotline' for faulty reports and a 'Help Desk' to deal with any ICT related conflicts.
    - To be responsible for ICT communications data.
    - To provide advisory service to the Management related to information system.

  3. Training and Multimedia Unit

    - To manage the ICT training programmes.
    - To plan the purchase of hardware and software for ICT training needs.
    - To manage and promote the implementation of ICT awareness programmes.
    - To manage the maintenance of the SKM website.
    - To manage multimedia presentation/ application.
    - To manage the information system documentation and publication.