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    M R .  M O H D  R U S L A N  B I N  A W A N G 



This section serves to enhance the understanding of the philosophy, concepts and principles of cooperatives through educational activities, learning and information. It is the policy of this Department to promote a framework of collaboration (collaboration) between the co-operative movement with the Government actively and extensively to achieve the mission. 


Objectives, tasks and functions

» Promotion and exposure on the philosophy, concepts and principles of cooperatives to society and guide the members of the public through courses, seminars, expos and exhibitions; 

» Disseminates information in order to improve the image of the co-operative movement and awareness and understanding of the benefits that can be gained from cooperative through mass media and publications such as brochures, magazines and advertorial; 

» Provide cooperation and support to cooperatives-cooperative so that Mobile-based platform that does not conflict with the provisions of the laws of the cooperative; 

» Link to the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia and the overseas cooperative organization and ICA-(International Cooperative Alliance); 

» Enhancing knowledge and awareness of co-operatives in respect of new business opportunities that could be explored by cooperatives such as wholesale and eco-tourism in order to enhance the cooperative economy;

» Help the cooperative the cooperative ability through practical courses, workshops on strengthening and establishment of strategic alliances in the results area economic activities.