Pn. Siti Azlin  binti Ahmad Dauta      
    M R S.   S I T I   A Z L I N   B I N T I   A H M A D   D A U T A


Statutory and Registration Division (SP) is responsible for the administrative implementation of the legislation by cooperatives in particular co-operative Societies Act 1993, the cooperative Commission of Malaysia Act 2007, regulations of the cooperative, the cooperative Guidelines and Instructions issued by the MGS. 
Objectives and Functions
  1. Register new cooperatives and amendments to the by-laws of the co-operative society registered in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperatives Act 1993, and the rules of the cooperative; 
  2. Ensure a conducive legal cooperative in line with the changing times; 
  3. Ensure a conducive legal cooperative in line with the changing times; 
  4. Administer the implementation of cooperative legislation; 

This section is divided into several units:
  1. Registration Unit 

    1. Register new co-operatives and amendments to the by-laws of the cooperative; 
    2. Preparing the by-laws of the cooperative uniform. 

  2. Statutory Units 

    1. Providing legal draft Acts such as cooperatives, the cooperative rules, instructions, guidelines on cooperatives and the circular or the notice of the Commission;
    2. Legal consulting cooperative; 
    3. Provide advice and guidance to the co-operative society in carrying out its activities to ensure that does not conflict with legal cooperative, any written law and cooperative values. 

  3. Liquidation Unit

    1. Ensure that the process of co-operative liquidation co-operative Societies Act 1993 complied with the requirements and guidelines of the cooperative until complete cancellation was gazetted. 

  4. Control Unit 

    1. Manage the implementation of the powers, functions and duties of the Commission liable under the co-operative Societies Act 1993; 
    2. Provide advice and guidance to the application of the cooperative legislation of cooperatives.