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    M D M   H A J A H   S I T I   K H A T I J A H   B I N T I   B A S I L


The Human Resources Division is responsible in carrying out the Administrative Support Programme such as services/ staffing, staff training and monitoring of quality activities.

The Human Resources Division is divided into three (3) units as follows:-
  1. Services and Staffing
  2. Training and Examination
  3. Monitoring of Quality Activities
To ensure that matters pertaining to the services and staff training programmes are implemented effectively.

i. Services Unit

The functions of this Unit are as follows:

- To fully manage the staffing and welfare of officers and employees;
- To manage the emolument and other related services;
- To manage disciplinary matters;
- To implement the Human Resources Management Information System;
- To manage all matters on the expansion of co-operatives

ii. Training and Competency Unit

Staff training conducted by this unit are categorised as follows:-

- Internal Training - organised by SKM at state level; and
- External Training - organised by SKM/ government or private agencies at state level.

The training provided is geared towards creating a knowledgeable and well-trained SKM workforce.

iii. Quality and Innovation Unit

This unit is responsible for monitoring the implementation related to the Public Administration Development Circular and Guidelines issued by MAMPU from time to time. The main emphasis of this unit is related to the implementation of the Quality Management System MS ISO 9001:2008 and forming a culture of innovation and creativity in SKM.