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    T U A N   M O H A M A D   H A F I S O L   B I N   Y U S O F F


Functions and Duties
  1. Legal Division serves as an advisory body, especially in advising on the legal aspects, particularly in relation to the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia Act 2007, Societies Act 1993, Subsidiary Legislation under both the Act and the laws of Malaysia with respect to the other matters referred by the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia include: -

    1. interpret the law;
    2. attended the meeting and gave legal advice on matters discussed to ensure that any policy decisions made by the Commission in accordance with the law;
    3. attend this session of Parliament to provide any assistance that is the law when required by the Minister.

  2. Drafts or vets legal documents such as legal notices, agreements and memorandum of understanding in which the Commission is a party to ensure the Commission's interests are protected.

  3. Review and provide copies of the proclamation and the documents for signature / approval of the Minister, the Executive Chairman when referred by the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia.

  4. Formulate and review the principal legislation and subsidiary legislation Bill in the national language and English, including;

    1. give an opinion on the drafting of principal and subsidiary legislation;
    2. advise on matters for which the Commission intends to regulate and prepares draft bills, regulations, guidelines and circulars on the matter (if any) to reflect policy decisions made by the Commission.

  5. Conduct research or studies on legal matters when required by the Commission.

  6. Perform other tasks related as directed from time to time.